SharePoint Component Library



The Project

Modifying SharePoint sites came across my desk for a while providing clients with more functional and aesthetically pleasing SharePoint experiences. Custom designs take a lot of effort from a development standpoint and client requests ranged from easy to complex. I wanted to establish a document for the team outlining common components, system pages, and limitations when designing within its framework.

Component libraries were created for both Sketch and XD users in mind. The Sketch library allows users to configure one components into various configurations through the click of a dropdown. XD’s system isn’t as flexible so libraries are simplified, but still allow users to pick from a set of pre-made responsive components. - The whole system helped speed up the wireframe/prototype process.

Component a.jpg

The primary focus was to create components commonly used within most SharePoint projects. Additional components were added as client requirements changed or certain functionality requests were made.

Component b.jpg

Individual components were created with users in mind. This was done to help speed up the wireframe process and maintain visual consistency from wireframe to implementation. As a final touch components were created to be responsive by nature while still allowing users to customize text unique to each project.

component c.jpg