With print and digital media knowledge, I’m able to provide consistent experience through multiple facets of any brand.

Further knowledge of HTML/CSS help me communicate effectively with developers and key stakeholders to create effective UX/UI Design solutions.


Professional Experience

  • Affirma Consulting // Designer II
    Work with clients or internal teams to gather requirements around processes, workflows, current user experiences with an interface and any other pain points associated. Information gathered is then presented through various means. This ranges from low or high-fidelity wireframe prototypes, annotated wireframes, visual design comps.

  • South By Sea (Destiny Collective) // Illustrator
    As an illustrator, I worked with account managers from colleges nationwide who submitted design requests for events needed by sororities and fraternities. These illustrations required quick turnarounds and were printed on garments, water bottles, and other miscellaneous items.


  • Catholic Printery // Prepress Technician
    Responsible for printing documents for catholic churches along the west coast and Hawaii. This required communication and coordination on both ends in order for churches to receive deliveries on time. 


Summary of Qualifications

  • Ability to create wireframe prototypes, provide visual direction, create visual concepts, and creative support for developers through Zeplin.

  • Fluent in a range of Adobe CC applications (Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, and After Effects).

  • Experience with design concepts for SharePoint intranets, Landing pages, email newsletters and templates, web banner animations and 2D animations.

  • Engages with clients in order to understand current points to provide more user-friendly experiences through user interface and user experience best practices.

  • Solid understanding of Microsoft brand guidelines.

  • Adept to a projects lifecycle, including requirements gathering, graphic interface design, and implementation.

  • Cross departmental collaboration



  • Microsoft Partner Ops (UX / UI / Visual Design) – The project goal was to help solve complications with workflows and forms used to set-up and track product offers with their partners around the global. Provided annotated wireframes that MS partners then used to show stakeholders in order to get final sign-off.

  • Expedia (Misc) – Working with various internal teams I was able to help provide creative support with logo design concepts, PowerPoint presentations, email designs and email templates that have been seen and viewed throughout the company.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium (SharePoint) – Created SharePoint design concepts that solved transparency concerns, file organization, and communication troubles with teams. Improvements to UX/UI solved these pain points and made a positive impact on teams.

  •  Microsoft ESXP (Video / Animation) - Under a tight deadline and minimal insight to the actual product I was able to create a trailer video that explained some high-level functionality of a new web application the client was working on.



  • Bachelor of Fine Arts International Academy of Design & Technology (Sanford Brown) 2007 - 2011